Membership Levels

There are two levels to membership within IAPRSS which consist of:

  • Advocacy Members are anyone who actively supports the advancement of the peer recovery support services profession
  • Peer Support Members must currently be a trained or certified peer support professional (including yet not limited to: Peer Recovery Coach, Community Health Worker, Certified Recovery Specialist, Forensic Peer Specialist, Youth Peer Support)

Requirements for membership:

1. All members shall be 16 years of age or older

2. Membership shall not be transferable

3. Members shall report legal name, mailing address, E-mail address and telephone number for documentation and communication purposes. Members shall report any changes to this information within 60 days of information changing.

4. All fees paid to IAPRSS are nonrefundable. The member is responsible for all charges incurred until the member terminates their membership or any services for which the member is being charged.

5. IAPRSS may immediately terminate your membership and/or any services the member is receiving if any of these occur:

    a. The Member is convicted of any crime punishable as a felony after membership with Association
    b. The Member's membership in the Association has been recommended for revocation or suspension by the Ethics Committee and approved by the Steering Committee.
    c. Upon unanimous recommendation of the Steering Committee.
6. IAPRSS members must either live/work in the state of Indiana 51% or more of the time.

Be an IAPRSS Member