IAPRSS is dedicated to advancing the peer recovery support profession through support, advocacy and education.

Peer recovery support is a vital component to the continuum of care. By providing support to the peer community through connecting peer recovery supports to each other, to up-to-date resources, best practices, professional development and more, as we strive to grow the peer recovery support profession. We will continue to advocate for peer recovery supports at the local, state and national level as a vital piece to a person’s chosen pathway of recovery. We provide education to the community and organizations on the efficacy of peer recovery supports. This includes providing consultative assistance to any recovery efforts that would like to identify how peer recovery supports can compliment their current recovery efforts. IAPRSS provides access and structure to the ever-growing continuing education of peer recovery support professionals. These benefits are open to all peer recovery supports, even those who are not members. Member benefits include access to employment opportunities, professional mentorship, discounted rates to continuing educational opportunities and much more.

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Justin Beattey

Manager of Peer Support – Indiana Addiction Issues Coalition
Project Manager – IAPRSS

Justin identifies as a person in long-term recovery from mental health, substance use and the justice system. He holds multiple peer recovery credentials and works alongside the peer recovery support profession to expand and strengthen the workforce. His dedication to the mentality of 'any positive change' and 'any pathway of recovery' allows all to feel included in the recovery process. Justin continues to advocate, educate and support the peer recovery profession through program development, training and peer recovery support professional's career development.