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Alternatives to Suicide

Alternatives to Suicide Peer Support Groups

Alternatives to Suicide, often referred to as Alt2Su or ATS, is a mutual aid support group for persons living with suicidal ideations. Unlike a clinical treatment group, attendees can talk openly about suicide and feelings of emotional distress with others who have or are experiencing similar challenges. During group, people share successes and challenges, provide support for one another, and share ideas for coping. Individuals are encouraged to attend both in times of strength and in times of need. The main goal of the group is to provide a safe and welcoming space for all who attend.

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Alternatives to Suicide Group Guidelines

Alternatives to Suicide is a free of charge non-clinical support group for persons whose life experience includes the challenge of living with suicidal thoughts. The group is an open group where members can attend as they wish. Confidentiality of group members is always respected. No risks assessments or wellness checks are ever a part of the group process. All Alternatives to Suicide support groups are held in a non-clinical environment. People are welcome to come and share or simply be present during group time. 

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Alternatives to Suicide Peer Group Facilitators

All Alternatives to Suicide groups are led by peer facilitators who have lived experience with suicidal thoughts or attempts. Group peer facilitators emphasize being part of community and connectedness through the healing power of belonging, meaning and purpose.  Peer group facilitators have gone through a 3-day training to be able to offer the group to their community. To learn more about facilitator training opportunities 

Alternatives to Suicide Peer Group Origins

The Alternatives to Suicide support group model first came to be offered through The Wildflower Alliance, a grass roots Peer Support, Advocacy, and Training organization focusing on harm reduction and human rights in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The framework of the group was built on the promotion of validation, open curiosity, vulnerability, and community. To find out more about The Wildflower Alliance please visit https://wildfloweralliance.org/.